Aerial of ship out of water.

Marine Industry

Where Boatbuilding Does More than Stay Afloat

Exceptional career opportunities await skilled assemblers, welders and technicians on the Treasure Coast. The boatbuilding industry in the region has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, making it the third largest manufacturing region of recreational boating in the U.S. More than 20 boat and parts manufacturers extend from Stuart, Florida to Sebastian, from small-scale operations to established heavyweights like Maverick Boat Group. If you’re a resourceful assembler with good communication skills, a captain with experience inspecting, operating and driving vessels or a marine welder with a passion for constructing anything from a yacht to a military craft, the Treasure Coast is your marine oasis.

7,000+ Employed in the Marine Industry on the Treasure Coast St. Lucie County EDC
3rd Most Economically Successful Area for Recreational Boating in the U.S. Treasure Coast Business
1.3 Billion Economic Impact of Boatbuilding Industry to the Treasure Coast St. Lucie County EDC